Saturday, 15 March 2008

A new Project

I have spent more than 9 months measuring and documenting my excrement.

It is a hard act to follow and I am acutely aware that going for an obviously similar alternative (timing all my urinating, pretending to enjoy the work of Tracy Emin, eating toenail clippings, etc.) would be a mistake.

I have been thinking about this for some time. One thing about The Log Blog project is that I had a focus for my thoughts whilst in a contemplative environment. I have tried to find a variety of works to start next, knowing as I always have that The Log Blog would end sooner or later.

I have two separate projects on the go now. Firstly I am going to run a marathon. I have decided to make this the Dartmoor marathon, since that is supposed to be an utter sod and nobody gets their personal best there. Since I am only ever going to run one maratho, I felt it might be nice to become an exception to this rule.

I understand that to many people this is going to be simply fitness, rather than art, and to be honest it is a piece that I am doing soley for myself, so I need a shorter term, more immediately realised piece to run alongside the marathon.

I have been documenting poo for a long time now and I need a break from the rigidity of having to measure and record something with this much discipline. I also need to edit The Log Blog, annotate the entries, sort out the comments, prepare a decent appendix of statistics and turn it into a completed work.

There is really only one natural choice. I am going to have to see just how far I can fire a stuffed penguin using my own farts.